Coastal Dance Academy, Inc.

Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion."

                                                     ~Martha Graham

Classes Offered

Students will be placed in classes based on their age as well as their level of ability. The age groups and levels listed below are a guideline only. Individual placement will be discussed with each parent and child at registration. If doing online registration please pay attention to all requirements online when registering your child and email us with any questions about placement.


Ballet is the foundation and basis for all styles of dance.  Ballet teaches proper technique, balance, grace, and poise which enables the skill development for all other styles of dance.  Therefore, all students should enroll in a Ballet class.


Me and My Shadow:


18 months-2.5 years



Pre-School :

Must have turned 3 by Sept. 1 2019 and potty trained


Pre-Ballet/Tap/Creative Movement Combo 1 (ages 3-4.5)


Pre-Ballet/Tap/Creative Movement Combo 2 (ages 4.5-5 that have taken Level 1 or missed our Sept. 1 cut off for our Ballet/Tap 1



5-7 year olds:


Ballet and Tap Combos 1 and 2



5 and up:


Acro- Must also enroll in a Ballet class for technique

No Recital Dance or Costume Fees for these classes




Ages 7 and up:



Ballet 1 A (MUST have taken a Ballet/Tap Combo at least 2 years)


Ballet 1 B (Instructor Permission only)


Ballet/Pre-Pointe 2 (A)


Ballet/Pre-Pointe 2 (B)


Ballet/Pre-Pointe 3 (A)


Ballet/Pre-Pointe 3 (B)



Pointe 1 Beginner (Invitation/Permission By Instructor Only; Ballet Mandatory)


Pointe 2/3 Inter./Adv. (Invitation/Permission By Instructor Only;Ballet Mandatory)


Lyrical/Contemporary 1  (Ballet class Mandatory)


Lyrical/Contemporary 2 (Ballet class Mandatory) 2 year Ballet requirement


Lyrical/Contemprary 3  (Ballet class Mandatory) 3 year Ballet requirement


Jazz/Hip-Hop 1  A


Jazz/Hip-Hop 1 B


Jazz/Hip Hop 2 A (Ballet class STRONGLY RECOMMENDED)


Jazz/Hip-Hop 2 B  (Ballet class STRONGLY RECOMMENDED)


Jazz/Hip-Hop 3 (Ballet class Mandatory)



Tap 1


Tap 2


Tap 3


Turns/Tricks/Leaps- Ages 10 and up-Instructor Permission/Invitation Only Ballet Mandatory



Adult Classes:


Dance Fusion


Barre Fusion


Ballroom/Latin/Salsa (Partner classes and non partner classes available)


Vinyasa Flow


Contemporary Connection








Me and My Shadow- Ages 18 months-2years:

This 30 minute class is designed for both caregiver and child to explore movement through dance and music. With sing-a-long songs, props and imaginative play, your child will work on motor skills and coordination in a fun and structured environment.



Pre-Ballet/Tap/Creative Movement Combo- Ages 3-5


In this 45 minute class your child will learn the basic Ballet and Tap steps using appropriate terminology during center exercises and across the floor movement. We incorporate creative movement which allows your child to explore movement to music incorporating their imagination and creativity. Creative movement uses movement to create an image, idea or feeling sometimes using props such as scarves to contribute to their creativity.

Must have turned 3 by Sept. 1 2019 and potty trained


Ballet and Tap Combos- Ages 5-7


In this 45 minute class, your child will be introduced to exercises done at the Ballet Barre as well as center combinations and across the floor movement. They will learn the importance of balance and grace while focusing on proper technique. Tap focuses on creating percussive rhythm with their feet incorporating different tempos (slow or fast beats) which aids in musicality, rhythm and coordination.


Ballet 1 A and B classes (Ages 7 and up)


Ballet is the foundation of danceIn this hour class your child will learn barre exercises, across the floor combinations such as grand allegro, and center adagio combinations which will develop strength and grace in their dancing preparing them for pre-pointe classes and their other dance classes.




Ballet is the foundation of dance. A classic dance form using specific terminology to develop proper alignment, posture, balance, grace and poise. Through barre exercises, across the floor combinations such as grand allegro, and center adagio combinations students will develop strength and grace in their dancing which they will be able to apply to their other dance classes.




Tap dance uses the feet to create musical, percussive rhythms incorporating a variety of sounds and tempos which teach musicality, coordination, and rhythm.




Jazz dance developed in the early 1900s and has incorporated a wide range of styles over the years from Latin to Theatrical. It is a fun and upbeat style of dance. Students will learn level changes, leaps, jumps and turns to incorporate in their movement. Hip-Hop is an upbeat, urban dance style often referred to as "street dance" incorporating popping, locking, and freestyle movements to name a few.




Lyrical dance is usually performed to songs with lyrics combining the many technical levels of Ballet with the freedom and fluidity of Jazz, Modern and Contemporary styles of dance. It focuses on conveying musicality and emotion through movement. Students taking this class must be enrolled in a Ballet class Level 2 students must have had at least 2 years of Ballet. Level 3 students must have had at least 3 years of Ballet.



Students will learn or perfect basic tumbling skills such as cartwheels and variations, back bends, front and back walkovers, handstands, and arm balances. There are no recital dances for theses classes or costume fees. Students that enroll in this class must also enroll in a Ballet class.





Pointe is by permission of instructor only and students are considered after having continuous Ballet training. Starting pointe work is not solely based on age and desire, but on individual’s strength, technique and commitment. There is a serious risk of serious injury for dancers who go on pointe too early.  The bones of the feet are not fully developed, strengthened, and hardened until somewhere in the early teen years.  Therefore, it is important to make sure that your child’s growth plate and foot are developing properly before placing them on Pointe.  Your child’s Ballet instructor will let you know when they feel your child is ready when it comes to their technique, strength and commitment, and then we require that you have your child’s feet examined by your family doctor to make sure their growth plate and foot are developing properly for pointe work. However, if they really want to reach that goal quicker, just let us know and we will be happy to show them some extra exercises to help them reach their goal.  Please encourage your child that there is absolutely no rush and they have plenty of time to perform on their pointe shoes during their time at CDA.  Safety always comes first and we want this to be a fun and exciting time for them, not stressful and nerve-racking. Students taking this class must be enrolled in a Ballet class.




Non-Competitive Performing Company


This company was created for dancers ages 8 and up that want to have more performance opportunities in a non-competitive environment. Company members will have the opportunity to choreograph their own dances for one of our shows and create their own costumes. We perform for our community at local festivals and events as well as have a company showcase that is separate from our annual dance recital. Entrance into the company is by invitation or audition only and enrollment in a Ballet class is mandatory as well as 2 hour rehearsals at least 1 evening a week.



Dance Fusion



Dance Fusion incorporates dance, cardio exercises, toning and stretching for the first 30 minutes which utilizes your entire body and the last 30 minutes you will learn a fun dance routine which we will add on to each week! At the beginning of each 6 week session, new routine will be learned giving you a wide variety of dance styles and movements throughout the year. What to bring to class? Yoga mat, towel, water bottle. What to wear? Yoga pants/leggings, tank tops. Clean rubber soled sneakers are okay on dance floors.



Barre Fusion


In this 45 minute class you will incorporate dance movement paired with the use of the ballet barre to create repetitive Ballet exercises to give you a full body workout. Floor work incorporates toning and stretching exercises to focus on your core and lengthening and strengthening your muscles.

What to bring to class? Yoga mat, towel, water bottle. What to wear? Yoga pants/leggings, tank tops, bare feet or socks. Clean rubber soled sneakers are okay on dance floors.




Ballroom Classes


Rosemary Parker


With more than 40 years experience as a professional dancer, teacher trainer and choreographer in the field of ballroom and latin dancing, Rosemary Parker will bring to the school a level of expertise that will benefit adults as well and any young persons interested in these areas of learning.   In Long Island New York, Rosemary owned and operated simultaneously three ballroom studios.  She trained staff and brought in International and American ballroom dance champions to further the professionalism of her staff.  Many of Rosemary’s students and teachers went on to enter the American Ballroom Dance Championships viewed on PBS.  Rosemary was invited to teach often for the Dance Educators of America and to choreograph for local dance competitions for her dance teaching staff.


Rosemary will be teaching both latin/salsa as well as ballroom with private, semi-private as well as group classes choices.  Some classes will not require a partner.  Practice socials are also part of the plans for weekly events at the studio.




Vinyasa flow:

Vinyasa flow yoga is all about breath, energy, and learning about our bodies and what they’re trying to tell us. Marisa will lead the group through guided meditation, allowing you to bring an intention into mind, and clear out all of that inner dialogue we all carry around with us, and segue into a flowing sequence of movement that will help to both strengthen, and restore the body, so it’s ready for whatever life throws our way! You will learn about engaging the core, keeping the spine safe, and what it means to use the breath as a guide for movement. Flexibility, balance, and grace are three points that Marisa (being a former dancer and musical theater performer) focuses on, to help you get the most out of practice. The class will end with an extended meditation to reach ultimate relaxation, and peace.



Contemporary Connection:

This class is a combination of vinyasa flow yoga, and contemporary dance. The emotion, length, and energy of a contemporary dance class meets the breath work, and beautiful asana yoga has to offer.  We will warm up connecting breath to counts, get the body warm, and then move on to a combination designed to help string the two worlds together. The slow movement teaches us about lengthening legs from the hips, and the arms from the shoulders. Keeping focus on the breath can teach us about how different parts of the body move when we are full of air, and when we are at the bottom of the breath. Class will end with a guided extended meditation to bring the group back to center, and the body to stillness.