Coastal Dance Academy, Inc.

Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion."

                                                     ~Martha Graham

Dress Code

Any color leotard and tights are permitted in classes. Body Wrappers Jazzy Tan tights will be used for all of our performances unless otherwise told when costumes come in.


Boys wear solid white t-shirts and black dance pants or sweat pants. NO SHORTS


Me and My Shadow Classes: 18 months-2.5 years


Little ones can wear onesies, leggings, leotards (anything that they won't trip on and can move easily in) Ballet shoes or rubber soled shoes that will not slip off their feet. Bare feet is also okay.

Parents wear easy to move in clothing (yoga pants, leggings, tank tops etc. and socks or bare feet.


Ballet/Tap Combo classes Ages 3-7

So Danca Full Sole No Drawstring Pink Ballet Shoes or any brand that is comparable NO TARGET/ WALMART BALLET SHOES PLEASE

(Black Ballet shoes for boys)

So Danca Student Black Tap Shoes or any brand that is comparable

(black full sole lace up shoe for boys) NO TARGET/ WALMART TAP SHOES PLEASE




Level 1, 2 and 3 classes: Ages 7 and up



Any brand Black Split Sole Jazz Boot (No laces)


Boys Jazz Hip-Hop: (Boys are welcome in ANY of our classes!)

Black Dance Sneaker


Non-Combo Ballet classes:

Pink Split Sole Ballet Shoes (canvas or leather) So Danca, Bloch or Comparable Brand



Non-combo Tap classes :

Any brand Black Split Sole lace up Tap Shoe NO TARGET / WALMART TAP SHOES PLEASE


Lyrical/Contemporary:Ages 7 and up

Nude Foot Undeez or bare feet



Any brand, but must be approved by your instructor before ribbons and elastic are sewn on.  Remember: enrollment in Pointe classes are by permission of instructor only.


Acro/Tumbling/Turns/Tricks/Leaps Classes: Ages 5 and up for Acro

Leotards with convertible tights so students can be barefoot

Ages 10 and up for Turns/Tricks/Leaps Classes and by permission of instructor only.


Leotards, tights and appropriate dance shoes are required for all classes. Any color leotard and tights are allowed in class.  Boys can wear a solid white t-shirt and black dance pants. No midriffs, baggy clothing, street clothes, shorts or street shoes are to be worn during class. Specific colors of shoes for specific classes are required. (See above) Hair needs to be pulled up and away from face and secured. Hair should be in a bun for Ballet classes. No jewelry. Please label all shoes with your child’s name. Coastal Dance Academy, Inc. is not responsible for lost or stolen items.


We enforce our dress code to ensure the safety of our students. Failure to follow this dress code may result in your child being unable to participate in their class. We thank you for your cooperation.


Local Dancewear Stores:


Dance Exchange

4406-A Wrightsville Ave.

Wilmington, NC

(910) 793-3116


Sansha Warehouse

4053, 2080 Mercantile Dr NE,

Leland, NC 28451

(910) 371-0101