• Lobby area is closed to parents. Students will be dropped off at porch area with an instructor. Temperatures will be taken upon arrival. Students will stand on designated 6ft areas as they wait their turn. Students will then be escorted to their classroom by another instructor after they place all belongings in a designated cubby in the lobby area and sanitize their hands. ONLY dance shoes and a water bottle can come in with students to the dance rooms.  (Water fountains are closed)

  • All other belongings must remain in cubbies.  No dance shoes should be worn outside. Please change them inside lobby on designated areas.

  • 7x7 areas are taped off in each dance room so dancers can properly socially distance and still have plenty of room to dance.

  • Masks are required when entering and exiting the building. Masks are required inside only when NOT able to be 6 feet from one another. Staff will wear masks when assisting students with bathroom breaks, shoe assistance, and any other times we are unable to be 6ft apart. Masks will be worn while dancing and we will provide students with a "mask break" in designated areas as needed. These protocols will change as CDC guidelines change and of course are based off of age level, how strenuous our exercise is AND if we are not 6ft from one another for choreography purposes etc.

  • Air purifiers in all rooms

  • 15 minute breaks between classes for proper sanitizing before next class enters

  • smaller class sizes

FAQ regarding safely reopening our studio

The safety of our students is our number 1 priority

Q: What is Coastal Dance Academy doing to stay safe and to prepare for the dance season?


Limited class sizes


Zoom classes offered (limited space) for those not comfortable with in person classes at this time (Semester commitment)


7x7ft areas are taped in the dance rooms for dancers to have plenty of space to dance in their own space


15 minute breaks between all classes for cleaning/sanitizing


Lobby is closed. No Parents inside the studio unless an emergency. Parents will drop students off with instructors outside of the building.


Anyone coming through the doors of the building must wear a mask


Temperature checks upon arrival/prior to entering 


All students/instructors will sanitize hands prior and after classes and anytime during if needed


Masks worn by instructors when we cannot be 6ft from our students


Masks are required while dancing/exercising depending on CDC guidelines and age guidelines


Q: I want to sign up but I do not want to purchase recital costumes with the uncertainty of the recital options?


A: We normally purchase costumes in November, (Costume Deposits taken in October and Balances due in November) This year we will be doing things differently. With the exception of our competition team, we will be waiting on purchasing costumes until closer to the new year and some classes will be creating costumes based on colored leotards and other accessories etc.  We will be purchasing in stock costumes that are available at the time we are ready to purchase.  


Our dress rehearsal and  recital dates are  already set for Odell Williamson Auditorium on May 27th (rehearsal) and May 29th (recital) This is PLAN A 


PLAN B- We will still have recitals at Odell but not in one full show but in smaller shows throughout the evening on the 27th and day on May 29th with limited audience.


PLAN C- Outdoor recital under a tent with a rented stage (recital fees will help cover this cost)


This year we can actually plan far ahead for these options! There will be a recital one way or another.


Please feel free to email us with any questions or concerns! 



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