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Covid-19 Updates

CDA follows all CDC Policies
The safety of our students is our number 1 priority

  • Lobby area is closed to parents. Students will be dropped off at porch area with an instructor. Students will then be escorted to their classroom by another instructor after they place all belongings in a designated cubby in the lobby area. ONLY dance shoes and a water bottle can come in with students to the dance rooms.  (Water fountains are closed)

  • All other belongings must remain in cubbies.  No dance shoes should be worn outside. ​

  • Masks are optional for all dancers. Please let your instructor know if you require your child to wear a mask at all times and we will provide students with a "mask break" in designated areas as needed. NO ONE will be discriminated for wearing or not wearing a mask. It is a personal choice. Our protocols our based off of CDC guidelines. If you choose for your child to not wear a mask while dancing, you are in understanding that we cannot always guarantee they will be 6ft from other students.

  • Air purifiers in all rooms

  • We offer breaks between all classes for proper sanitizing before next class enters

  • We provide all dancers and instructors with a illness policy that we follow each day

  •  Dancers and instructors stay home with any sick-like symptoms

  • The Safety of our students is very important, if you have any concerns please contact us

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